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Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 28 December 2015 08:52 Written by Tarot-Website.net The pairing of Steampunk and the tarot is a perfect match Like the tarot itself steampunk looks to both the past and the future The Victorian Steampunk Tarot contains an insightful book and a full deck of tarot cards which can be used to explore the past unravel the mysteries of the present and predict the future This innovative deck which features illustrations by Beverley Speight is presented in a steampunk-style embossed box with lock mechanism The Victorian Steampunk Tarot perfectly encapsulates the Steampunk spirit and will be loved by both tarot aficionados and beginners In the accompanying book best-selling
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 25 December 2015 09:57 Written by Tarot-Website.net There's no cat like the precocious sociable and clever Siamese when it comes to learning just what you need to know to put your life on the right track or take it off the wrong one Bleu Cat Tarot captures antics expressive body language and just downright style of this cat favorite Beth Seilonen's modern Tarot cards painted in black and white with a touch of blue for style will guide you through lifestyle perspectives with a light heart and new approaches to getting things done Using the gentle knowing humor of a Siamese's daily life the accompanying fun and
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 10 December 2015 05:29 Written by Tarot-Website.net Journey with the enlightened feline and welcome their unique secrets Cats cute mysterious mischievous or aloof seem to live in a world between worlds a realm of magic and power Access their unique wisdom with this beautifully illustrated deck featuring traditional Rider-Waite imagery and Pagan symbols
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 4 December 2015 15:12 Written by Tarot-Website.net Anyone who has ever owned or been owned by a cat knows its wild and mystical nature Open the door to a magical world of feline enchantment that offers eternal and ancient wisdom with the Mystical Cats Tarot Discover amazing artwork of various domestic breeds that look and behave like normal cats but face many challenges relationships and life lessons that reveal the answers to our most important questions Organized by elemental suits Earth Sea Fire and Sky and cat-based court cards this deck presents the descendants of the Cat Goddess in all their furry glory
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 26 November 2015 19:17 Written by Tarot-Website.net The Complete Tarot Kit provides you with the two most quintessential tarot decks in the world in easy-to-handle sizes A thoughtful gift it is perfect for beginners as well as those who have used tarot for years This integral package makes learning the tarot accessible to everyone Introduction to Tarot is a softcover book in full color with wire binding
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 14 November 2015 10:19 Written by Tarot-Website.net literally mesmerizing -- Edain McCoy author of Celtic Women's SpiritualityThe -card Faery Wicca Tarot is a unique system that blends traditional tarot images with the mystical symbology of modern Faery Wicca It is based on the ancient Bardic system of understanding the universe which is considered to be the shamanic roots of the Irish Faery-Faith a pre-Christian pre-Celtic spiritual tradition This ancient wisdom is made accessible by integrating shamanic skills with meditative practices and bringing the knowledge gained from the Otherworld into the light of everyday living The cards take you deeper into your spiritual evolution through magickal archetypes mystical
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 6 November 2015 14:28 Written by Tarot-Website.net As interest in vampires surges to new heights this deliciously macabre tarot will attract the masses who feel an insatiable passion for these creatures of the night Chillingly wrought in exquisite and realistic detail this stunning tarot is ideal for exploring your own dark side Dare to venture forth into a world where time is meaningless light is death love is cold and power rules Evoking a strange mixture of horror and sympathy these tragic ageless beings tell a fascinating story With eternity before them these creatures must find a way to survive a nightmare of contradictions What they have

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