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Filled under Books, Crystal Books, Crystals on 24 March 2011 09:17 Written by Tarot-Website.net Crystal Therapy is a handy guide to the healing power of crystals complete with beautiful color photographs of each crystal family This book is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners and it focuses on crystals that are easily obtainable You'll learn which crystals to use for particular health or life issues receive clear explanations of crystal-related terms such as phantom and record-keeper find out how to choose a crystal that's been humanely mined and read fascinating channeled messaged from each crystal The authors discuss how the crystals work with the angels and archangels and outline steps for laying particular crystals
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 23 March 2011 21:23 Written by Tarot-Website.net Pendant Size mm X mm Sterling Silver Lucky Charm Size mm X mm Comes with inch Sterling Silver Bead Style Italian Chain Necklace Pendant comes with Genuine and Natural Black Onyx Gemstone Tag Comes with Gift Box Very Unique Attractive and Special Lucky Charm Pendant It Comes in Sterling Silver and Natural and Genuine Black Onyx Tag It also comes with inch Italian made Sterling Silver Bead Style Chain Necklace This Lucky Charm Pendant comes as Very Special Long Life Good Luck Symbol This Pendant is designed on Genuine Black Onyx Gemstone Tag and attracts Natural Spiritual Protection Powers and
Filled under Gifts & Gift Packs, Tarot & Other Cards, Tarot Cards on 23 March 2011 14:46 Written by admin Angels have immense power to touch us with their protection guidance and love With this beautiful deck you now have the means to access this divine wisdom from the heavenly realm You can pick a card to help you with an everyday problem or you can make a selection to gain past present and future perspectives on a major challenge The -page booklet provides details on each of the angels and offers full instruction on how to best use the cards
Filled under Books, Tarot Books on 23 March 2011 14:46 Written by admin Though many books are available on the major Tarot cards few look in depth at the Minor Arcana or suit cards Simple accessible and easy to understand these overlooked mirrors of everyday life can help us access our inner knowing and learn more about ourselves In refreshingly down-to-earth terms and with a joyous commonsense wisdom Kliegman demystifies the Tarot by revealing its small secrets
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 23 March 2011 12:35 Written by admin Acupuncture for the home ancient Chinese feng shui is demystified in this beautiful book that explains how to apply this art of perfect harmony to the home
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 22 March 2011 05:36 Written by admin It doesn t matter who you are what you do or even the color your den is it s easy to integrate the skill of Feng Shui into your existence Keep your religion style and beliefs Hold on to that ratty old chair if you truly love it Solve your problems Dramatically improve your day to day How is this possible Learn the knack of Feng Shui Simple intentional changes made in your home and office can optimistically transform your life Cheaper than therapy More fun than a night on the town Easy to understand complete with secrets which turn
Filled under Books, Crystal Books on 20 March 2011 17:40 Written by admin This inspirational book will aid you in finding stability and security in a changing and challenging world It explains the difference between self-protection and fear-based defences and shows you how you can use crystals and other spiritual tools to change your mindset from a fearful one into a more confident positive approach to the world Judy has put together simple - and effective - ways to enhance energy levels and boost protection that have been used for thousands of years Her tools techniques and powerful energetic practices will help you to take charge of your life and embrace change with

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