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Filled under Crystal Ornaments, Home & Garden, Store on 24 March 2011 13:39 Written by Tarot-Website.net This awesome crystal clear resin translucent human skull figure statue is highly detailed and would look great with black lights The figure stands inches tall is inches deep and inches wide from ear to ear It makes a great Halloween decoration and is a great gift for any skull lover
Filled under Crystal Ornaments, Crystals, Crystals & Gemstones, Ornaments & Collectables on 24 March 2011 09:18 Written by Tarot-Website.net Delicately cut into a pyramid with carefully faceted sides and a fine point this quartz crystal is a fantastic aid for channeling energy With quartz functioning naturally as a wonderful aid in channeling multiple sources of energy it can also be used as a balancing stone helping to bring peace and harmony in energy even for scrying and divination purposes This combined with the pyramid shape makes for a potent focus for healing energies and protective magic that balances out or cleansing negative energies and curses The stone sits approximately to square varying slightly in size between each piece Since
Filled under Crystal Balls, Crystal Balls & Stands on 23 March 2011 00:49 Written by admin A fine crystal orb that offers itself as an excellent device for adding novelty or mystery to your home or office certainly a clear investment toward the future if desiring an atmospheric ornament Often associated with fortune-telling and occult premonitions it nonetheless can also be treated as a stylish and elegant addition to any theme
Filled under Crystal Balls, Crystal Balls & Stands on 22 March 2011 12:58 Written by admin Our crystal balls are made by pulverizing pure natural quartz crystal then melting the powder down to form a solid crystal block Master craftsmen then hand carve each ball There is no lead used in the process and they are not glass These balls are very clear with virtually no distortion or bubbles due to the high quartz content Each ball is individually boxed and comes with a carved rosewood stand Approximately cm in diameter Made in China
Filled under Crystal Balls, Crystal Balls & Stands on 21 March 2011 05:58 Written by admin Beautiful Clear Crystal Ball mm combined with an unusual Brass Stand with a Pineapple Burst Includes both the ball and stand
Filled under Crystal Ornaments, Feng Shui Tools on 21 March 2011 03:49 Written by admin Swarovski Strass crystals are the best available All of our Swarovski Strass crystal balls are the series The Swarovski Strass series crystal balls have rows of facets The rainbows are amazing Hung in windows crystals can bring chi energy from the outside into dark areas of your home or office A crystal placed in the south-east north-west or center of a room can aid in stimulating prosperity

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