The Truth Of Happiness

The Truth of Happiness Definitions of happiness from historical global great minds: Aristotle– The goal of life is the pursuit of happiness.  What constitute happiness?  Virtue, a fair degree of world good, a good mind (achievement), and friendship. Plato and Socrates shared similar viewpoints. Chuang-tzu– Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness. Spinoza: a …

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The Book of Changes

I  Ching is the oldest Chinese classic text and it is also called ‘the book of changes ‘or ‘classic of changes’ This text basically speaks about cosmology which is based upon ancient Chinese traditions or customs. Let us first know the meaning of the title of I CHING which is also called Yi Jing. ‘Yi’ …

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How to Live the Tao

As I prepared to write this article, I gathered around me several Wayne Dyer’s books. Once these books were all around me, I could gather my sense of calm and write one word, and then the next. One of Wayne’s favorite Patanjali aphorisms defines inspiration, and applies six rewards to the process: When you are …

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