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Filled under Astrology Equipment on 24 March 2011 07:40 Written by The SpaceProbe ST EQ is a rich-field Newtonian reflector with a tube only long compared to the tube length of the standard EQ The focal length of the ST's mm primary mirror is mm f producing a wider field of view and brighter images for a given eyepiece focal length The diffraction-limited parabolic primary mirror is the same type used on much larger reflectors costing substantially more On a short-focal-length design like this one a parabolic mirror is a must for delivering sharp detailed images This scope package includes an EQ- equatorial mount with dual setting circles and manual slow-motion
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 23 March 2011 20:37 Written by Max power x Focal Length mm Finder scope x Draw Tube inch Eyepiece SR Eyepiece K Diagonal
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 23 March 2011 07:17 Written by admin The Celestron PowerSeeker series of telescopes is designed to give the first-time buyer the perfect combination of quality value features and power Offering exceptional value these telescopes feature portable yet powerful designs with ample optical performance to excite any newcomer to the world of amateur astronomy
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 21 March 2011 00:55 Written by admin mm diameter refractor mm focal length f German equatorial mount with RA and DEC slow-motion controls and setting circles x finderscope mm eyepiece x - - mm eyepiece x - - erect image diagonal - - Barlow lens x - - adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray The Sky Level CD-ROM Metallic charcoal black tube color
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 19 March 2011 17:59 Written by admin It's no wonder customers heap -star ratings on this gentle giant For not only does its jumbo-sized optics and uncomplicated design bring a new level of joy to simple observing raved Astronomy magazine but it's also one of the most affordable quality Dobs on the market The SkyQuest XT Classic isn't just good bang for the buck it's a supernova of telescope value The XT Classic gives you the deep-space thrills without the deep-pocket frills We've kept it lean and mean to keep its price low for tight budgets But rest assured it comes fully equipped for adventure whether you're
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 19 March 2011 02:40 Written by admin The Moon's disk even at partial phases is intensely bright with reflected sunlight The glare washes out most of the craters rilles and other surface details from view Our Moon Filter reduces the glare allowing transmission of only of the reflected light Not only will you see more surface features but you can study them in greater comfort The filter reduces irradiation which is the distortion at the boundary between light and dark areas such as along the lunar terminator The Orion Moon Filter is especially useful to owners of large-aperture scopes in which the Moon's brightness can be overwhelming
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 17 March 2011 08:06 Written by admin amp AC Adapter for use with all Celestron computerized telescopes

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