It is often said that your life is just a manifestation of your thoughts. “What you think is what you will get” and thinking is just an important precursor of the choices we make in life. Good and informed choices help us lead a happy life whereas faltering in choice or making a bad choice can devastate us. The cycle of our life involves four important things – thought, analysis, choice, action and result.

If we have positive thoughts we can quickly analyze in a logical way and based on this analysis we make a choice. After we have made the choice, we act on it to realize it and the results follow. The Karmic astrology which is an important part of free will astrology believes that if everything is positive the results will also be positive and fulfilling.

If we analyze our lives in the perspective of karmic plains then it becomes quite obvious that we reap what we sow. If we sow positive things we will reap a favorable and wishful result and vice-versa. Additionally, this branch of astrology believes in the thrashing effect which means if you do good works, you gain the momentum of goodness and this momentum motivates and inspires you to carry out the good works further. And if you are involved in non-productive or ghastly works then you will gain the momentum which will further draw you towards more sin. Once you are drawn to any of these two, it become very difficult to get out of the trap.

Freewill astrology has more to it then 12 zodiac signs, the planets or constellations that are important in conventional astrological forms. Though it is based on your “free will” to shape up your life, still the aforementioned astrological entities play significant role. The four major constituents of Freewill astrology are – Planetray nodes, Quincunx, water houses, and the Planets in Void of Course. The analysis and reading of your life are based on the meticulous reading of these four constituents. So, it’s time that you start shaping your life the way you always wanted by getting your freewill horoscope and knowing everything that needs action.

About Author
Rashee Kapur is an eminent analyst and writer in vedic astrology, freewill astrology and rashi bhavishya related topics.

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