I Ching Feng Shui is pronounced as e Ching and means the Book of Changes. This I Ching has earned several sobriquets. It ranks amongst one of antiquity’s oldest known texts. It is perhaps the oldest of those ancient Chinese classic texts that were written during the reigns of the Qin dynasty between 221 B.C. and 207 B.C. According to a few experts, it may even date back to the pre Qin era.

What is I Ching Feng Shui?

There is a deeply embedded cultural belief of ancient origins amongst the Chinese of contemporary times describing a rather ancient mode of cosmology. In addition there is also a philosophy, the very crux of which is based on the apparent dynamics between yang and yin, their interactions with each other and so on.

The yang and the yin react with each other in complementary but paradoxically opposing manner. Stress and frenetic activity are symbolized by yang while yin is its exactly opposite movement. Yin stands for the mellow, the calm and the still. There are 8 different types of iconic depictions that form the very core of I Ching and the name assigned to these iconic depictions is trigrams. Yang and yin line elements contribute to the formation of each trigram. The figure called Fu His developed this system of trigrams around 5 millennia back or that is how the story goes.

In I Ching, you will find that a hexagram is formed out of 2 trigrams arranged in such a way that one trigram is placed beneath another. The trigrams are stacked in different manners to give rise to several different combinations and that is how sixty four various types of I Ching hexagrams are formed. Divination practitioners seek answers or try to obtain valuable insights by using the different hexagrams in various combinations.

I Ching Feng Shui is regarded by many people simply as a method of divination while there are others who look upon its contents as wise teachings that were disseminated by ancient Chinese masters.

The word ‘I’ in I Ching can mean ‘to change’ as a verb but if you use it as an adjective, it will refer to ‘easy or simple’. Whereas the original meaning of the word ‘Ching’ is ‘regularity’ or ‘persistence’, nowadays, the word ‘Ching’ is used to refer to ‘classic text’.

That is why, though this book was known as the Book of Changes in popular translation, lately, another translated name is being widely circulated – the title of Classic of Changes. The underlying message of I Ching Feng Shui is the following of truth or the ultimate way. The wealth of information carried in the book, if followed, applied and understood perfectly, can ease and smooth out the path of your life.

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