There is a natural instinct in man to know the unknown, and that instinct has been the driving factor of all creations including the science of Vedic Horoscope. It is believed that Maharishi Parashara has given the Vedic Horoscope its present written form. It is an important branch of Indian astrology and is the most trusted one too. By it the personality and true nature of a person is determined in respect with the planetary positions at the exact moment of birth. Mainly used for predicting the future of a man, the Vedic horoscope is an ancient science used for knowing the future and is over 7000 years old. The abrasive meaning of Vedic horoscope is ‘science of light.’ It has become an intrinsic part and practice of the Hindu way of living. The larger aspects of Vedic Horoscope incorporate architecture, mathematics, military and medical know how. Vedic Horoscope believes in distant stars. Vedic Horoscope deals with twenty-seven stars or Nakshatras. The Vedic astrologer interprets the movement of these distant stars to find deep and intense meaning that is reflected in the lives of human beings. The stars are related with Deity’s of difference. Vedic Horoscope deals with twenty-seven lunar archetypes.

Vedic Horoscope helps a person live a conscious, happy and peaceful life. It is practiced by professionals and well respected astrologers in India and all over the world. Many people throughout the cross section of the society rely on Vedic Horoscope while taking important decisions like- starting a new business, marriage, traveling, relationship problems, as they believe that it would guide them in taking the right decision. Vedic Horoscope signs constellations are- Aquarius-Kumbh, Pisces- Meen, Aries-Mesh, Gemini-Mithun, Taurus- Vrishabh, Virgo- Kanya, Capricon- Makar, Libra-Tula, Leo- Singha, Sagittarius- Dhanu and Scorpio-Vrishchik. Vedic Horoscope of every individual consists of combination of Planets placed in different houses, where every house stands for some aspect of human life like education, profession, wealth, material comforts, health, love, happiness etc. It is the planetary combination of each horoscope that determines the human life by exerting either positive or negative influence.

With the help and guidance of Vedic Horoscope one can avoid any problem in life way ahead of time. The charts in Vedic Horoscope called the Janma Kundali represent the point of beginning in one’s life and predicts the advantages as well as the disadvantaged throughout his/her life. Vedic Horoscope endorses the customs of balancing, gem stones and mantras as they are believed to assuage the impacts that may be detrimental to a healthy life.

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