Chinese paper lanterns are known worldwide; somewhere as a symbol of Chinese traditional culture and somewhere as a work of Chinese art. Through foreign trade, Chinese paper lanterns have now reached to people in Asia as well as other parts of the world. However, paper lanterns still remain an integral part of Chinese celebrations. Whether it’s a sky paper lantern or shaped like a star, they express creativity and create magic that is beyond everything in this materialistic world.

Sky paper lanterns are made of rice paper and are lit by a candle. It is really a mesmerizing site as they take off in the air. The flame from the candle heats the air inside the paper lantern decreasing the density of the air inside it. Thus the candle floats in the air as long as the candle burns inside it. Since hundreds of year, sky paper lanterns are released in air on the last day of Chinese New Year. You will also find paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes through every street in Chinatown. Some paper lanterns are inscribed with puzzles which you will enjoy to solve along with your family.

Chinese paper lanterns widely vary from being a simple device to an amazing piece of artwork. You can find traditional Chinese paper lanterns decorated with dragons or miniature paper lanterns known as Baby’s Bottom. The largest of all these paper lanterns are temple and festival lanterns.

All of these lanterns are used by Chinese for decorating their home to add color and an exotic touch to their interior. Chinese strongly believe that paper lanterns attract good luck and often use it for Feng-Shui. Nowadays traditional Chinese paper lanterns are available throughout the world. You can buy various designer paper lanterns from these stores and decorate your home. You can add a special charm to your party or event by decorating it with Chinese paper lanterns.

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