The Bagua is a practical way of applying the philosophical principles of the I Ching or Book of Changes to Feng Shui.

Shape has an effect on the flow of energy and balance. Hence the Bagua, used like a map can be applied to your plot of land, your house, your rooms, your furniture and even your business and prosperity in life. The Bagua is a most fair and practical way of applying the philosophical principles of the I Ching or what is also referred to as “The Book of Changes” to Feng Shui.

From time immortal, the Chinese have taken to consult and ponder the I Ching for its measures and insights into the very nature of people, places things and interpersonal relationships. Other cultures may have used wizards and astrology. The Chinese used the “Book of Changes “, which we know its Chinese language term “The I Ching”.

It can be said that the very basis of I Ching directs one towards an understanding of what are called and technically described as simply ” trigrams “. Trigrams can be said to indicate the degree of yin and yang. Trigrams in their simplicity explain and demonstrate the ideas of constant change. Not only that but the change illustrated by these trigrams is constant and cyclical- that is not only can you count on it to change but also to change in a similar predictable manner – that is if you live , or persevere long enough. The statement ‘what goes around comes around” is a testament and example of this philosophy and way of life. In its simplest explanation the octagonal shape of the eight trigrams with unbroken lines represent yang, and broken lines represent yin and is called a or the “Bagua”.

Thus the Bagua represents the eight directions – the eight trigrams of the I Ching. Each of these represents the eight life situations – prosperity, fame, relationships, creative energy, travel and helpful people, career, knowledge, family and health – with the taiji (tai chi) in the middle, represented best and most simply and straightforwardly the yin/yang symbol of complimentary opposites.

How can the Bagua best be used and its teachings and insights used?

By placing the Bagua over a plan of your home or room you can best identify your own particular problem areas. To apply the Bagua effectively you will need a plan of your home drawn to scale. First step in the process is to designate the “center” and the “front” areas of your spaces. . The” front door” can be said to be qi enters the position of the front door will help you determine where the Bagua should be placed.

Most likely you will find with time and experience that t he front door will generally seem to fall in one of three areas. What these are all depends on where the door is located physically and thus in what general location the door or gateway faces. If it found in the center portion, then the direction will be towards enhancing career as well as career choices. If the door is located to the right of center then this entranceway will be the gateway to travel, perhaps even sale of your property and the move to a new and enhanced residence. Lastly as an overall good omen if the you find that this door faces in a direction to the left – this is a very good omen. You will be rewarded with great knowledge and intuition.

It can be generally said that few houses or rooms are perfectly square. Hence if you attempt to impose the Bagua over your careful planning you can thus generally identify the problems that are currently associated with unusual as well as unbalanced shapes. For example a missing corner could indicate particular difficulties. If it is the corner which you consider associated with career and career themes, then it could mean problems or difficulties in the workplace. If it’s a health corner – then it could mean ongoing illness and illnesses – say for example a bout of irritable bowel syndrome , or depression and anxiety which might be best dealt with a vacation to a serene lakeside cottage or chalet.

Any of the general cures – like mirrors, wind chimes or crystals – can be used to make your adjustments. These adjustments can be said to be all interchangeable. If you are having financial problems it is best to pay attention to the wealth corner of your house. Often financial difficulties are the source of many a family’s and marriages inherent problems and difficulties. This can be said to be more than a truism.

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