I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on television that require you to send your name and the name of your potential mate via text message and they will send back a percentage result based on numerology, as to whether or not you will become soul mates. 

I just wrote another article on this anecdote, but I find it worth mentioning again because while numerology can be used for carnival-fun purposes, it can also be used to gather real information about a person.  And that form of numerology is known as spiritual numerology.

Let me break this down a bit more for you.  Basic numerology takes the numbers based on the letters in your name and can tell you what kind of person you are, and basic horoscope-type suggestions.  It’s fun and grants results that are often surprisingly accurate.  Taken a bit further, numerology can be used, with a bit more calculation, to compare two people in a relationship to see if they are not only compatible but how they will affect each other down the line.  It’s much more than the simple percentage on a love match, but can explain who each person is and how they will meld together in a relationship.

Take that even a bit further and you reach what only the Masters claim to be able to do: spiritual numerology.

Spiritual numerology is about finding out what numbers mean for a person.  It can tell why their life is moving in the direction that it is, and if that is a good or bad thing for them.  It can even define how their personality traits affect their lifestyle and what they can change to live happier, healthier lives.

Fascinating stuff, really. 

From what I’ve learned and have been studying about numerology, all of this, and much more, is possible.  You just have to find the right teacher.

Thanks for coming,

Audry Grant


If you?re interested in finding out more on numerology, check out an exciting resource that will teach you to become a Master Numerologist, . Audry Grant is the author of numerous online articles and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

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