Just a quick update: Due to a recent flood of spam comments and registrations we’ve been forced to delete a lot of spammer registrations, so if your account has been deleted by mistake then we are truly sorry for any inconvenience, however we’ve been forced to take this action in order to protect the site.

Community Software Now Removed, Members Custom Avatars Lost:

We’ve also had to disable / remove the community software (……which provided our members with some cool functions like custom avatars, community streaming and other benefits) as we learnt this software was also being used by the spammers to post spam-riddled updates to their activity streams …… if you had an Avatar then it has been removed along with the community software – sorry, but I couldn’t retain them as they were stored in the former community software folders (….I may look at installing something for custom avatars in the future).

Unfortunately these pests ruin things for everyone (including us webmasters).

New Anti Spam Registration Software Installed:

We’ve also installed additional software to harden up registration and automatic scanning for spammers……If this fails then we will look at possible stopping registrations altogether, or alternatively perhaps even charging a tiny fee for membership (say $0.50 – this would at least ensure that all registrations are traceable via PayPal, and therefore should deter spammers… but it’s not ideal, and we shouldn’t have to go to these lengths.).

All Comments Are Manually Approved Before Being Published:

We manually monitor and approve ALL comments before ANYTHING is ever published – so if you are a spammer & are reading this, then please don’t waste your time or ours – just go away please.


In order to deter commenting spam, we now have a very strict no-backlink policy – if you submit a comment, even if your comment is approved it will not mean that you will gain any backlink – links will be removed in most cases. If we think it is a truly worthy comment then we may leave your link intact, but this will be rare. Do not expect any back-link. If you are only posting comments in order to get a back-link in return, then you are a comment spammer – please go elsewhere.

Frankly we are so sick of comment spam & registration spam that we will turn off comments and registrations altogether if we have to – we simply cannot afford all the additional time and cost it is imposing on our business.

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