Filled under Tarot on 25 February 2011 15:53 Written by admin Do you wish that you had psychic abilities Lots of people do without even knowing it Take a look below and see if any of the things apply to you Here are a few tests to see how well you do with psychic ability First of all find a long candle which is unscented hellip
Filled under Tarot on 23 February 2011 19:13 Written by admin The word The Future make one puzzle how it should be what it would be People want to know what will happen to them in future what they will be doing in future how fortune they are how the world will look like and thousands of questions arise arise from everyone when we think of hellip
Filled under Tarot on 3 November 2010 12:54 Written by admin I simply love divining Tarot cards are a great way to divine naturally you want the best set of tarot cards You want a personal set that expresses you There are many different tarot card designs to choose from Here are some tips whether you are new or seasoned to tarot Tarot cards do hellip
Filled under Tarot on 2 November 2010 12:25 Written by admin If knowing the meaning of the symbols on tarot cards is an important part of tarot card divination then knowing the different spreads in tarot card reading comes a close second in importance The first important aspect to know about is what a spread is The spread in tarot card reading is the layout in hellip
Filled under Tarot on 2 November 2010 05:46 Written by admin Reading the Rider Tarot Deck The Rider Tarot deck is thought of as one of the more recognizable tarot cards in the world They are mass produced round the world and are used by many psychics This tarot deck has been about since and was drawn by Pamela Colman Smith and annotated by Arthur hellip
Filled under Tarot on 1 November 2010 19:35 Written by admin Some people question the legitimacy of the tarot cards For us to be able to get accurate readings from tarot cards we will need to understand something There are ways to understand the meaning of the tarot cards in a reading and though one is a guide the other is essential for accurate readings hellip
Filled under Tarot on 1 November 2010 00:21 Written by admin Most of what I m going to lecture from come from Cynthia Giles book The Tarot History Mystery and Lore and some other resources The origins of the Tarot have been attributed a wide range of wacky sources paleolithic cave paintings gypsy folk lore Moroccan mystics and even gifts from space aliens to Egyptian priests hellip

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