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Filled under Books, Tarot Books on 23 March 2011 14:47 Written by admin A guide to connecting with our neglected unconscious through the Tarot cards Getting in touch with the unconscious can be difficult and dangerous Our ordinary approach to life our trained and cultivated ways of thinking are allergic to this swampy unknown We lose our bearings we panic The Tarot cards are like 'an idiots guide' to the unconscious an easy way to subvert the rational and allow the energies beneath to creep up through the floorboards If you learn to shuffle and to deal the twenty-two major cards of this ancient museum of the unconscious it will help you to
Filled under Crystal Balls & Stands, Feng Shui Tools, Ornaments & Collectables on 23 March 2011 03:55 Written by admin Three Feng Shui Toads together holding up one crystal ball in the center are auspicious symbols of good fortune Feng shui toads are used to bring good fortune and crystal ball is attracting more money chi How to place it Place it near the front door positioned in lower level but not on the ground Or place it at one of the corners of the house diagonal corner is the best mouth facing the main door For those have business shop they can place it near the cash register make sure its mouth is not facing the cash register For
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 4 March 2011 08:52 Written by admin Handcrafted Directly in Tibet Each Piece is Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Original Tibetan Amulet Size Approximately mm X mm Almost Inches Long Made from High Quality Brass and Genuine and Natural Himalayan Turquoise Gemstone Chips Comes with Very Popular Black Rubber Cord and Sterling Silver Buckle and makes it Ready to wear Comes with Gift kind Organza Pouch This Pendant is Absolutely Unique One of the Kind and Special It is Handcrafted Directly in Tibet with Love and Care making your Amulet Individual Magic and Precious This Amulet has Very Old and Special Tibetan OM Mani Padme
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 12 February 2011 04:57 Written by admin Tthe Bear has the power to heal and change human desires into true wisdom They believe the Bear to be the Guardian of the West and your ally when you need to resolve conflict This large amulet is crafted of sterling silver and marked in Diameter Weight is Approximately Grams x mm Bail Opening for Chain Marked for Sterling Silver

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