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Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 23 March 2011 13:21 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under DVD & CDs, Tarot DVDs & CDs on 21 March 2011 21:15 Written by admin Secrets of the Occult explores the world of the occult from the ancient and modern magicians who practice it to the cutting edge scientists attempting to explain its mysterious claims This program highlights the advances that have been achieved by innovators who challenged established reality like Newton Galileo Carl Jung and Einstein The claims of the occult magicians are put under the microscope to reveal the fascinating interface between ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs to modern discoveries of the mind and the physical world The Magicians The ScientistsSecrets of the Occult DVD Extras explores the fascinating interface between occult beliefs
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Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 19 March 2011 01:44 Written by admin Astrology has been around ever since man looked up towards the stars and recognized an association of patterns in his own life He saw the movement and noted times of birth For thousands of years he refined his art Today astrology has become a dirty word to many unscientific and irrational But is there still some truth to be found in its depth Astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck talks candidly about his own search for the truth and reveals that there is a time coming predicted by the stars when great change will occur in our society He pinpoints the
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 18 March 2011 23:41 Written by admin The Secrets of Home Decorating Using the Art and Beauty of Feng Shui is your guide to learning a fresh new approach to home decorating If you want to give your home or office a complete new look let us easily show you how to do this This DVD is your personal design consultant It will clearly teach you Feng Shui decorating techniques faster than any other book manual or video on the market You will easily learn how to beautify your surroundings coordinate and arrange design pieces recognize unbalanced settings matte and frame artwork and organize entire rooms If
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 16:46 Written by admin Kirk Nelson reveals new insights into Edgar Cayce's psychic readings on astrology including the birth chart of Jesus a new way of determining past life influences in your own birth chart how astrology influences world events and an easy to understand explanation of each sign planet and aspect This book also contains the charts of U S presidents Kennedy Nixon and Reagan highlighting many of the events that occurred during their careers The author also sheds light on the charts of China Russia and the United States and what will happen to them in the future
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 15 March 2011 18:16 Written by admin Awarded Best How-To Book The first Feng Shui book that shows how to use the power of practical Feng Shui one day at a time throughout the seasons Feng Shui Master Practitioner Carol M Olmstead reveals how to attract wealth find love create family harmony improve your career The book includes a day-by-day calendar of quick tips for home and office and a unique monthly clutter-clearing guide The author includes powerful success stories from her clients across the country to show how real people made simple changes with big results Carol Olmstead has taught thousands the simple secrets of using

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