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Filled under Assorted Divination Tools, Crystal Balls, Crystals & Gemstones on 23 March 2011 23:39 Written by Tarot-Website.net Green Crystal Ball mm This mid-sized example of the classical divinatory tool has added a somewhat newer twist to the crystal ball by coloring its transparent depths with a rich and verdant green coloring This makes it fantastic when working with nature magick or other such spells in which the coloring might aid you in your specific ends It also makes a fantastic aid in your broader divinatory and meditative studies if the coloring simply aids you in finding your focus and the proper state of mind Measuring mm or approximately in diameter it is perfect for whatever studies you
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 22 March 2011 08:05 Written by admin Unique Amulet Piece Genuine and Natural Green Aventurine Gemstone in Magic Design High Grade Pewter Charm Large Gemstone Size X mm Charm Size X mm Comes with Adjustable Necklace Shortest inches Longest inches This is the Most Natural Way to wear Jewelry and get your own individual Unique and Magic Amulet It comes in Genuine and Natural Green Aventurine Gemstone Piece and High Grade pewter charm The Charm Represents Very Special Howling Wolf This Wolf Amulet Represents Wisdom Protection Courage Intuition and Gemstone Powers stands for Good Luck in Money and Financial situations This Amulet comes with Adjustable Cord and
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 22 March 2011 00:24 Written by admin SIZE Self Adjustable Stretch Cord up to inches wrist Dragon Charms inch Gemstone Beads mm Absolutely Gorgeous and Fantastically Attractive Green Aventurine Double Dragons Bracelet It is made from Highest Quality Green Aventurine GEMSTONE This Bracelet is Hand made which gives this piece of jewelry a special quality It comes as Beautiful Aventurine Gemstone Beads Gemstone Donuts and GOOD LUCK Dragons Charms It holds GEMSTONE LUCKY Donuts in between the gemstone beads which makes it look really special It comes on Stretchable cord and may fit most size wrists up to inches Goes Perfectly with any Style Outfit DRAGON Myth
Filled under Candles on 19 March 2011 12:11 Written by admin Green Cat Hoodoo Spell Candle Money Drawing
Filled under Gifts & Gift Packs, Home & Garden on 17 March 2011 01:44 Written by admin Green Peacock Perfume Bottle
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 15 March 2011 20:57 Written by admin Comes with Detailed Information Card and cute Velour Pouch Gemstone Circle Size inches mm Made from Genuine and Natural Gemstone and may have some natural specks making your Amulet or Talisman very unique and special Each Magic Symbol is Engraved on top of the Gemstone Circle Comes with Adjustable cord and adjusts from inches up to inches Exclusive Unique Magic One of the Kind and Individual Amulet made from Genuine and Natural Green Aventurine Gemstone Amulet meaning Provides Super Natural Intuition and Possibilities Has Healing and Protective powers The senses are ordered according to their importance which represent Smell Sight
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 15 March 2011 04:55 Written by admin In easy steps Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer's Market Secrets from an Expert Green Feng Shui Staging Designer reveals how to create a home that buyers desire and want to buy The steps include what it takes to make the reader's home look and feel great--tips that will sell the home The book also provides information on selling the home for the best price It is the first in its subject to address the hot new sought-after green home improvements and features to sell the buyer's home fast According to Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Mogul Business Consultant and

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