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Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 22 February 2014 17:08 Written by Tarot-Website.net In a researcher working in the Italian National Library in Rome discovered a manuscript containing mysterious paintings believed to have been devised by the mysterious prophet Michael de Nostredame better known as Nostradamus The manuscript never published in his lifetime was handed down to his son who later presented it to Pope Urban VIII After that it remained forgotten and neglected A brief glance at these extraordinary images shows how heavily they draw on the symbolism of Tarot It is the belief of Tarot experts Matthews and Kinghan that Nostradamus was designing his own set of cards drawing upon the
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 22 February 2014 16:47 Written by Tarot-Website.net Step through the doors of Mandrake Academy where you will don the robes of a magical apprentice and learn from your instructor the tarot Featuring gorgeous intricately rendered digital artwork by John J Blumen this wonderfully unique tarot deck presents a full course in basic magic while teaching you the timeless art of reading the cards Progress through the -card Rider-Waite-based deck and explore twenty-two enjoyable lessons as taught by the Empress professor of herbal magic the Hierophant professor of mythology and other traditional figures who hail from the Major Arcana Gain skills in spellcasting herbalism runes astrology astral travel
Filled under Tarot Cards on 6 August 2011 17:56 Written by Tarot-Website.net How to read tarot easy by author John David Published author John David gives a lesson on how to easily read your tarot cards for the day John has a new book coming out which is currently in press so should be in top retail stores for the holiday season Check out our website at hellip
Filled under Tarot Cards on 6 August 2011 17:22 Written by Tarot-Website.net Introduction to Tarot Cards Information on the cards in a Tarot Card deck different types of spreads and responsible use of Tarot Cards For Beginners or those of Brief Experience Also this video is
Filled under Featured, Tarot on 25 March 2011 12:53 Written by Karen Banting The earliest known tarot card deck dates back to the mid- th Century and tarot cards were used in various parts of Europe for playing card games and are what our modern-day playing cards are derived from Some people believe the Tarot may have originated from China more than years ago and were brought to hellip
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards, Tarot Cards on 23 March 2011 15:02 Written by admin The goddesses are angelic powerful loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life In this set of oracle cards by Doreen Virtue the bestselling author of the Healing with the Angels and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards you'll learn who the different cross-cultural goddesses are and how they can help you Each card gives you a specific message about how you can improve your life health relationships finances career and spiritual path The gorgeous artwork on each card depicts Kuan Yin Lakshmi Bridget Isis Athena and other goddesses from Celtic Mayan Egyptian Greek Tibetan
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards, Tarot Cards on 23 March 2011 14:47 Written by admin These cards will help you tap in to the mystical powers of the Universe

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