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Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 21 March 2011 08:35 Written by admin Containing all the ingredients to work a powerful spell that is intended to help bring money and prosperity into your life this Money Drawing Kit which contains a male candle a female candle Money Drawing Witches Honey Money Drawing oil Money Drawing powder Money Drawing incense a small incense burner parchment paper and Money Drawing Soap All of these ingredients are combined while working the ritual as described in the instruction that are provided coming together to help create powerful magic that will help you in your search for prosperity
Filled under Candles on 21 March 2011 07:37 Written by admin Candle by the Hour vertical candle is easy to use and lasts hours upon hours Merely place the beeswax coil through the spring loaded clip in increments of inches or less Each three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour
Filled under Candles on 21 March 2011 06:00 Written by admin Made When the Moon is Right Energy-Will Fire Candle - Sandalwood Ginger Blend From the center of your will anything can be accomplished for this is the first step on the road to manifesting your desires After the idea inspired by work done with the Air candle Energy Will is the next step to creating your own reality Fire is the continuing spark that burns through the blockages in the spirit CANDLE USE Strengthens the aura and works through blockages in the creation process Helps to stimulate the naval second chakra which rule the creative desire centers ASTROLOGICAL INFO -Optimal
Filled under Candles on 20 March 2011 09:11 Written by admin Contain Black Taper candle H x diameter It is an excellent taper for spell casting when you need a larger candle than a chime candle
Filled under Candles on 19 March 2011 12:11 Written by admin Green Cat Hoodoo Spell Candle Money Drawing
Filled under Candles on 19 March 2011 04:39 Written by admin This set was created to help you to bring balanced energy fields in your body The seven chakra colors are created by different frequencies and light These colors are related to the colors of the rainbow and are used to heal the part of the body associated with the chakra Each Chakra has to spin at the right frequency and velocity umbalances on the spin of the Chakra centers can bring you a lot of problems Seven CHIME candles x Using the set of candles you can balance your chakras by color and light All information is provided
Filled under Candles on 18 March 2011 21:38 Written by admin solid candle also called Wishing Candles because you make a wish and burn one knob each day for seven days Write your wish on parchment paper and place beneath the candle Before lighting the candle each time recite this chant seven times Candle Candle burning bright Bless this wish with your light White candle used to get peace in home or business for good health and serenty White Knob Candle high knob candle For ritual work involving healing spiritual cleansing and peaceful home Knob candles are often called wishing candles They are one of the most famous hoodoo and magickal

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