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Filled under Books on 21 March 2014 16:40 Written by Tarot-Website.net Short Stories To Learn Tarot Today uses engaging short stories to help you quickly and painlessly memorize all tarot cards Learning to read tarot has never been funnier Table of Contents below The moment you pick up my guide you'll begin to understand the natural progression of events surrounding each card in the deck This allows for lightning fast reaction time while reading any tarot spread for yourself your friends your family and even strangers You'll never have to page through a book for the card definitions ever again You'll also discover the best tips and tricks for understanding tarot
Filled under Books on 19 March 2014 13:58 Written by Tarot-Website.net Discover everything you ever wanted to know about the world's most popular tarot deck The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot details the ten most important symbols on each and every card in the deck complete with hundreds of illustrations for easy use In addition to an explanation of the symbols each card is given a brief interpretation by topic Primary meaning Prognosis or tendency Spiritual meaning Love and relationship meaning Daily meaning Success and happiness meaning Writing in a convenient format designed for quick reference European tarot authorities Johannes Fiebig and Evelin B rger also provide tips hints
Filled under Books on 18 March 2014 08:35 Written by Tarot-Website.net A top tarotist's secrets to personal growth one card at a time The two volumes of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot students It has often been described by readers booksellers and teachers as the Bible of tarot readers It is also often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot and it helped to launch the Tarot Renaissance of the s The two texts-one for The Major Arcana and one for The Minor Arcana--appear together in this volume which is a reissue of the edition first published by Thorsons Seventy-Eight Degrees of
Filled under Books on 13 March 2014 05:24 Written by Tarot-Website.net The Traditional Tarot for the st Century Most Tarot decks with really spectacular designs are really just art collections The Gilded Tarot transcends this limitation by having some of the most strikingly beautiful art on any Tarot deck yet follows the Rider-Waite-Smith model The result is a unique deck that any person with some Tarot experience will find instantly familiar and usable This deck can be used with any Tarot system or book You really must see the cards to believe their beauty The High Priestess dances on water in a translucent dress of stars She bends backwards in front
Filled under Books on 2 March 2014 18:11 Written by Tarot-Website.net Here s how to get to times more information from each spread you cast right now Ask better questions do all of your pre-spreadwork and verify the accuracy of your spread before you start making any predictions Advanced Tarot Secrets illustrates step-by-step how to do all of this You are about to learn how to spot patterns in spreads find spreads hiding in the spreads you already use and how cards interact with each other This book reveals the advanced spread techniques and trade secrets used every day by the top psychics in the world It is a how-to-do-it handbook
Filled under Books on 24 February 2014 00:00 Written by Tarot-Website.net For centuries the strange and beautiful tarot cards have been an endless source of mystery and fascination One of the foremost authorities in the field reveals the intricacies of this ancient art With detailed explanations Eden Gray offers explicit advice about the three different methods of reading the cards and using the tarot for divination and meditation Both beginning students and advanced devotee will find in this book new insights into the ancient lore of the tarot
Filled under Books, Featured on 6 August 2011 15:29 Written by Karen Banting The new Collectors Special Edition Nostradamus Predictions eBook has just been released and it is rendered in Calligraphy and set against a stunning background of antique parchment making it perfect as a collectable or gift item

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