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Filled under Books on 18 March 2011 23:50 Written by admin The Pentagram Star of David Crucifix rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover they all provide feelings of comfort and protection intended to attract good while dispelling evil Found throughout history and in nearly every culture and religion amulets and talismans can be made and used by anyone Spanning the world through the diverse cultures of Sumeria Babylonia Greece Italy India Western Europe and North America this book presents the history and uses of amulets and talismans Readers will also learn the magical properties of hundreds of symbols and objects commonly used as amulets as well as how to create empower and
Filled under Amulets & Talismans on 18 March 2011 04:18 Written by admin This is a pewter pendant of a Rune of Attraction The pendant comes with a black necklace cord and a story card The pendant is made fine pewter and is nickel free It is one of our Talisman and Amulets Collection of pewter pendants Everything is moving all the time You can go up and down but it's very hard to stay in place Whatever we are not attracting we are usually keeping away This amulet is about drawing things towards ourselves The power of attraction governs our lives in matters of money relationships and friendship We attract things to
Filled under Books on 6 March 2011 01:36 Written by admin What little treasure do you wear or keep in your pocket or bag that you have to have with you all the time Why does it make you feel good lucky or safe Find out here Barbara Black Koltuv takes you on a journey of understanding---a virtual treasure hunt for amulets talismans and magical jewelry Lavishly illustrated in full color this book holds a valuable cache of intriguing images and information about the creation use and meaning of amulets talismans and magical jewelry Learn what they have done for generations of spiritual seekers The Second Commandment of the Old Testament
Filled under Books on 5 March 2011 01:58 Written by admin A comprehensive guide to practicing the magic of the Qabbalah Spells for everyday problems related to health love prosperity and protection Rituals for advanced high-level magic such as invocation of angelic powers or spiritual vision Explains how to make and design talismans amulets and magic bowls including harnessing the power of Hebrew letters in their designs Details the magical uses of psalms The Qabbalah--the Jewish esoteric tradition--is richly woven with magical practices from amulets and magic bowls to invocations and magical use of psalms In this comprehensive and practical guide to Qabbalistic magic Salomo Baal-Shem explains how to authentically perform
Filled under Books on 22 February 2011 10:58 Written by admin For those who wish to master the art of magical achievement there are numerous occult aids which may be of value Some of these tools are amulets fetishes charms symbols talismans These are objects inscribed with a magic incantation or sign that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship association convention or accidental resemblance - a visible sign of something invisible They are worn or carried to avert harm ward off misfortune protect against danger to bring good insure fortunate events and attract love luck and favorable conditions The seals herein are only the most popular or
Filled under Books on 10 February 2011 19:54 Written by admin This in-depth guide is almost like getting two books in one Not only will you receive the guidance and insight to create jewelry that is embedded with personal meaning but Amulets and Talismans also features extensive instruction on a wide variety of cold-connection techniques that can be applied to any style of jewelry making Incorporate found objects personal mementos and more into one-of-a-kind pieces of art

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