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Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 3 September 2015 23:41 Written by Tarot-Website.net The glory of felines is celebrated with Renaissance flair Teng has created an ornate deck that blends classical and contemporary ideologies and artistic styles With booklet text by Gina M Pace Medieval Cat Tarot is a beautifully aristocratic deck with a humorous twist Card Full color deck Includes booklet of instructions
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 25 August 2015 20:21 Written by Tarot-Website.net The Voyager Tarot Kit is the oracle for the st century Voyager is a timeless symbology beyond any tarot deck Experience the power of the symbols Pick a card a day and change your life Voyager Tarot shows you how to achieve your visions and dreams creating the success you desire Use the deck as an intuitive guide to forecast your future reveal secrets of you subconscious and provide spiritual inspiration This excellent decision-making tool can help you navigate life enhancing business planning relationship building and self-discovery Even if you have never before delved into the mysteries of the tarot
Filled under Miscellaneous on 21 August 2015 02:31 Written by Tarot-Website.net Luxury velvet drawstring bag embroidered with an attractive design Suitable for storing standard sized tarot and orcale cards Other uses include Jewellery or Gift Bag Dimensions Size mm x mm
Filled under Miscellaneous on 19 August 2015 21:40 Written by Tarot-Website.net This set of two Athames have a handle and pommel sculpted into the shape of a mummy in Osiris pose laid to rest with crook and flail Comes with sheath Cannot ship to MA or CA - blade - blade
Filled under Miscellaneous on 15 August 2015 13:51 Written by Tarot-Website.net An Athame or Atham is a ceremonial dagger used in the religion of Wicca and is also used in various other neopagan witchcraft traditions The athame stands as one of the four elemental tools in Wicca traditionally standing for fire as does the ritual sword The other three elemental tools are the wand the pentacle and the cup or chalice These four magical tools correspond to four 'weapons' of significance in Celtic myth - the sword the spear the shield and the cauldron and or grail The same four ritual tools also appear in the magical practices of the western
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 13 August 2015 01:15 Written by Tarot-Website.net Do the Elves have something to teach us These realistic opulent figures-not unlike computer animated characters from the popular Lord of the Rings film-will capture your heart and mind Mark McElroy's fun creative approach to tarot brings the Elves' fairy tale to life as you seek out insights in this whimsical world Boxed kit x includes full-color cards and -page book
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 8 August 2015 07:34 Written by Tarot-Website.net Combining Wiccan traditions and modern lifestyles the Pagan Tarot Kit portrays experiences of the modern Witch and Pagan priestess--a must for those following the Wiccan path Based on elemental dignities and the traditional Tarot structure it portrays the experiences of the modern Witch and pagan priestess An indispensable tool for Pagans seeking guidance for both mundane problems and spiritual concerns Boxed kit includes cards and -pp book

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