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Filled under Books, Featured on 6 August 2011 15:29 Written by Karen Banting The new Collectors Special Edition Nostradamus Predictions eBook has just been released and it is rendered in Calligraphy and set against a stunning background of antique parchment making it perfect as a collectable or gift item
Filled under Gifts & Gift Packs, Tarot & Other Cards, Tarot Cards on 23 March 2011 14:47 Written by admin Oracle looks beyond with a powerful divination system including two mirror-finished card decks a colorful printed cenote cloth to contain and focus the oracular energies and a four-color book to explain and interpret the guidance of the ancients In beautiful artwork by visionary artist G Borri and David Carson's prophetic interpretations users will find answers to guide them through the uncertainties ahead Like the Medicine Cards Oracle is based on the spiritual wisdom of the Native American ancestors David Carson introduced us to our power animals through that popular deck we can now go deeper into the Native American mysteries
Filled under Astrology Books on 14 March 2011 14:10 Written by admin In October a new phenomenon appeared in the sky was named the Comet Holmes and is being claimed and acclaimed by the Hopi Nation as the Blue Star of their prophecy The Blue Star is the harbinger Between now and somewhere in - when the Red Star appears great shifts in human consciousness will continue With the fulfillment of the Mayan Long Count calendar in and the appearance of the Red Star many are predicting that human consciousness will rise to the next level Although there may be catastrophic events associated with this period and life as we know it
Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 12 March 2011 10:54 Written by admin Join Sedona s Master Astrologer Ansara on a comprehensive journey journey through the study of astrology in this groundbreaking three-hour TWO DISC SET Using the chart of - - Ansara teaches you how to understand and interpret the many essential elements of a star chart planets signs houses and aspects You will be compelled by his wisdom and skill and by applying what you will learn you will be able to cast predictions of your own for the actual Threshold and Choice Point What will bring What does the chart reveal You will be very surprised

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