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Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 22 March 2011 02:21 Written by admin For your magical seals talismans spells Dragon s Blood is typically used for power spell strength Each kit contains bottle of Ink Quill Pen pgs of Parchment
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 21 March 2011 08:35 Written by admin Containing all the ingredients to work a powerful spell that is intended to help bring money and prosperity into your life this Money Drawing Kit which contains a male candle a female candle Money Drawing Witches Honey Money Drawing oil Money Drawing powder Money Drawing incense a small incense burner parchment paper and Money Drawing Soap All of these ingredients are combined while working the ritual as described in the instruction that are provided coming together to help create powerful magic that will help you in your search for prosperity
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 21 March 2011 08:24 Written by admin Is your boyfriend giving you trouble Are you hoping to get that big raise and promotion soon Here's everything you need to get started including a powerful -inch doll good for hours of pin-pricking fun plus a complete guide to tapping your own special voodoo powers Just watch the terrific results when you do that voodoo that you do so well
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 21 March 2011 02:11 Written by admin Make a new friend or enemy with this fun DIY YouDoo Doll kit Give the plain white doll a face using the included ink-jet iron-on transfer paper Next add some personality using the included shirt skirt and pants or by decorating it any way you can imagine e g markers pens pins Then have yourself some vicarious thrills with your new pal whether you're immortalizing yourself in action-hero form sending good vibes to a friend in need or seeking revenge on your two-timing ex
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 21 March 2011 01:09 Written by admin An all-in-one kit to aid in your mastery of spellcraft The Little Book of Spells explains the basics and offers life-enhancing spells for friendship love good fortune and peace Kit includes -page hardcover book mystic rose oil for empowering healing and blessing candles to help bring focus and a magical stone embodying unique spellcasting properties Kit measures - '' wide x - '' high x - '' deep
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 20 March 2011 09:10 Written by admin Sometimes the baggage we keep with us both consciously and unconsciously can keep us from moving on and growing in life Whether it is something we have experienced or something that has been inflicted upon us it is difficult to simply let go The Releasing Boxed Ritual Kit provides the tools you need to work a ritual intended to help you let go and step forward into the next phase of life The kit comes with all of the materials you ll need and easy-to-follow instruction including An Om amulet representing the universal divine This amulet is a powerful symbol
Filled under Spells & Rituals Kits on 19 March 2011 20:02 Written by admin Our complete altar set is the perfect set to get you started Includes the following items Satin altar cloth colors may vary Small wood handle athame with sheath perfect for carving your own runes on the handle set of glass Votive candle holders colors will vary one half-DRAM hand-painted potion bottle Small brass incense censer roll of mm self-lighting charcoal for incense Two -hour burn hand-poured votive candles black and white small altar pentacle tile style and colors will vary one oz size oil bottle of our hand-blended altar oil one DRAM vial of our hand-blended Ritual Blend incense four

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