Filled under Miscellaneous on 3 December 2015 04:08 Written by A very luxurious bag This double thick velvet bag features a fully lined golden velvet interior and is closed by a silken pull cord Can fit almost any tarot deck sizes and is the pefect bag for your runes
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 26 November 2015 19:17 Written by The Complete Tarot Kit provides you with the two most quintessential tarot decks in the world in easy-to-handle sizes A thoughtful gift it is perfect for beginners as well as those who have used tarot for years This integral package makes learning the tarot accessible to everyone Introduction to Tarot is a softcover book in full color with wire binding
Filled under Miscellaneous on 24 November 2015 07:33 Written by These handsome bags from Lo Scarabeo provide an attractive way to store and protect your valuable decks Each pouch is big enough to hold two standard size x inches decks
Filled under Miscellaneous on 21 November 2015 14:00 Written by Our Rose Velvet tarot bags are made of specially selected high quality luxurious velvet that has a small amount of stretch Velvet bags are closed with ribbon pulls Polyester The size of bags is full size - usable room under pull is about less in height Use it to hold Tarot Oracle decks or crystals runes or dice
Filled under Miscellaneous on 20 November 2015 01:19 Written by An Athame or Atham is a ceremonial dagger used in the religion of Wicca and is also used in various other neopagan witchcraft traditions The athame stands as one of the four elemental tools in Wicca traditionally standing for fire as does the ritual sword The other three elemental tools are the wand the pentacle and the cup or chalice These four magical tools correspond to four 'weapons' of significance in Celtic myth - the sword the spear the shield and the cauldron and or grail The same four ritual tools also appear in the magical practices of the western
Filled under Tarot & Other Cards on 14 November 2015 10:19 Written by literally mesmerizing -- Edain McCoy author of Celtic Women's SpiritualityThe -card Faery Wicca Tarot is a unique system that blends traditional tarot images with the mystical symbology of modern Faery Wicca It is based on the ancient Bardic system of understanding the universe which is considered to be the shamanic roots of the Irish Faery-Faith a pre-Christian pre-Celtic spiritual tradition This ancient wisdom is made accessible by integrating shamanic skills with meditative practices and bringing the knowledge gained from the Otherworld into the light of everyday living The cards take you deeper into your spiritual evolution through magickal archetypes mystical
Filled under Miscellaneous on 13 November 2015 15:57 Written by Created as a sturdy dagger this Athame offers a strong medieval feel with a simple black on silver handle and a large cross guard Overall length with blade Can not ship to MA or CA

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