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Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 18 March 2011 23:41 Written by admin The Secrets of Home Decorating Using the Art and Beauty of Feng Shui is your guide to learning a fresh new approach to home decorating If you want to give your home or office a complete new look let us easily show you how to do this This DVD is your personal design consultant It will clearly teach you Feng Shui decorating techniques faster than any other book manual or video on the market You will easily learn how to beautify your surroundings coordinate and arrange design pieces recognize unbalanced settings matte and frame artwork and organize entire rooms If
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 18 March 2011 23:32 Written by admin Feng Shui Demystified is Alice Inoue's signature presentation on the basics of Feng Shui In this informative upbeat and enlightening live presentation she completely demystifies Feng Shui and adeptly leads you down a new path of awareness Using common sense as the base she shares with you how you can confidently begin the process of shifting the energy so that your environment will support you to its fullest potential Your environment has an impact on you whether you are aware of it or not My goal is to empower anyone to be able to immediately make positive changes in their
Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 18 March 2011 14:50 Written by admin Dreamz-Work Productions presents the Astrology in Depth Video Series with Maya Petersen Lessons One and Two -- Now updated with excellent audio Filmed in HD Maya is the pleasant face and voice of our new Astrology in Depth Video Series a video lesson series that considers more than nuts and bolts astrology methods but teaches would-be professional astrologers how best to work with clients Astrology the ancient art of prophecy and divination has been made popular today by sun-sign horoscopes found in thousands of websites and news publications But astrology is so much more than the fun one size fits
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 18 March 2011 06:18 Written by admin David Phoenix Nutter is a national speaker author Feng Shui Master Reiki Master and is a Certified Instructor in T'ai Chi and two schools of Karate David is the author of two books entitled Feng Shui Basics - Make Your Home Your Home and The Basics of Feng Shui He has been interviewed many times on TV radio talk shows and for newspapers Most recently the front page of the Home Real Estate Section of the Dominion Post in Morgantown West Virginia for being out of in getting homes sold by utilizing Feng Shui techniques on homes that would not
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 18 March 2011 04:45 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 17 March 2011 16:25 Written by admin Guide to Astrology DVD presented by celebrated astrologer and author Liz Greene Originally created as a VHS video in this is a classic course in construction and interpretation of the birth chart
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 17 March 2011 09:17 Written by admin Are you interested in Feng Shui Do you want to understand how to apply Feng Shui to be more productive at work In this clear presentation Alice Inoue not only demystifies Feng Shui but takes you on a journey to see how your environment affects you on multiple levels Rather than a belief Feng Shui is a tool that you can use to create a work environment that supports everything in your life The presentation is easy to understand and inspirational In this live presentation you will fully grasp the essence of Feng Shui and will learn to apply it

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