Filled under Candles on 18 March 2011 04:34 Written by admin Lavandin Orange and Tangerine
Filled under Candles on 18 March 2011 04:33 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under Candles on 17 March 2011 23:50 Written by admin Our aromatherapy candles are made with a blend of Candelilla Carnauba Bayberry and Soy waxes This plant-based wax combination provides a cleaner burning candle and delivers a better performance than all soy based pure Essential Oils are used to provide an Aromatherapy benefit entering your body by inhalation Our candles are sythetic-free and contain no petrochemicals Cotton wick An environmentally safe choice Burns hours
Filled under Candles on 17 March 2011 12:59 Written by admin This hand-dipped ritual candle is charged anointed and inscribed with Theban script by a powerful witch to aid you in gettting what you truly desire out of life Before you light the candle for the first time focus your will entirely upon it visualizing your intended opportunities being woven in and all around the candle Let your mind fill with an awareness of the candle flame as a beacon calling what you seek to your door As the candle burns down to its base keep your thoughts set upon the positive manifestations of attaining all that you seek You may
Filled under Candles on 17 March 2011 11:40 Written by admin These mini unscented candles are perfect for your rituals prayers blessings or to warm up any ambiance and work with the power of colors Each candle burns for approximately two hours Cranberry Red is for love passion and courage st Chakra Use these candles with mini holders
Filled under Candles on 17 March 2011 07:21 Written by admin Paddywax signature candles are perfectly dressed the simple and sophisticated white and black box features a multicolored stripe that appears as a colorful surprise once the lid is opened Each oz candle is hand-tied with charming black and white stitched ribbon and handpoured using the finest natural fragrances and soy wax blend to ensure optimum burn time and exceptional fragrance throw Who doesn't love Mint Mojito Sugar cane a squeeze of lime and fresh-picked mint leaves come together to create this refreshing concoction
Filled under Candles on 17 March 2011 06:01 Written by admin Possessing a sweet invigorating aroma that soothes the troubled spirit and leaves the mind sharper this pillar candle is intended to be a powerful part of your spells of healing particularly those intended to aid with grief pain or fear Standing tall and possessing a deep red hue this candle comes with a ritual incantation and a necklace meant for use in your spell The necklace is a cord with a pewter amulet sculpted into the shape of a hollow apple wherein the healing energies are captured during the spell and carried with you to aid you in times of

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