Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 12 February 2011 20:11 Written by admin PSI Spies will take you behind the scenes of the U S Armys formerly top-secret remote viewing unit to discover how the military has used this psychic ability as a tool and a weapon Despite the fact that remote viewing was developed by various tax-supported government agencies including the CIA the Defense Intelligence Agency and even the U S Army a majority of Americans still have never heard of this faculty In the s with the support of Congress the Army formed a small unit of remote viewers to spy for America These soldiers psychic spies gained penetrating knowledge about
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 12 February 2011 20:05 Written by admin If you thought The Manchurian Candidate was fiction or John Farris's The Fury which featured a CIA mind-control program run amok was the stuff of an overheated imagination you were sorely mistaken From behind the cloak of U S military secrecy comes the story of Star Gate the project that for nearly a quarter of a century trained soldiers and civilian spies in extra-sensory perception ESP Their objective To search out the secrets of America's cold war enemies using a skill called remote viewing Paul H Smith a U S Army Major was one of these viewers Assigned to the
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 12 February 2011 09:53 Written by admin If you are ready to learn how to play the game of life from the soul perspective this is the instruction manual Openings contains some of the clearest most powerful channeled material you will ever read It teaches you how to live joyously from the greater reality of your timeless nature as you deal with karmic relationships dreams and creativity health and healing sexuality and intimacy reincarnation spiritual and psychic development and much more
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 12 February 2011 00:52 Written by admin Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR st Runner Up in Magic Magick category Is it possible to gain spiritual enlightenment even in difficult or threatening situations In this thorough and thoughtful handbook readers are urged to take responsibility for their own actions ask what the situation might be teaching them and hold compassion for those viewed as doing the harm Popular Wiccan author and teacher Christopher Penczak takes a threefold approach to protection magick in this guide for Witches pagans shamans and psychics First find out how to protect yourself using personal energy will and intent Next discover how to connect
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 10 February 2011 22:27 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 10 February 2011 20:01 Written by admin Spiritual Protection A Safety Manual for Energy Workers Psychics and Healers is a training handbook for anyone interested in deepening their psychic abilities training gifts already in evidence or simply developing a greater sensitivity to energy This no-nonsense book with its special emphasis on safety protection and energetic awareness takes readers step by step through a thorough system of exercises designed to increase competence confidence and skill Focusing on oft-neglected fundamentals Reicher cuts through the complexity and confusion so often surrounding this topic and instead offers clear instructions and explanations that even the most novice of readers can easily follow
Filled under Books on 10 February 2011 19:54 Written by admin This in-depth guide is almost like getting two books in one Not only will you receive the guidance and insight to create jewelry that is embedded with personal meaning but Amulets and Talismans also features extensive instruction on a wide variety of cold-connection techniques that can be applied to any style of jewelry making Incorporate found objects personal mementos and more into one-of-a-kind pieces of art

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