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Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 7 March 2011 08:43 Written by admin Take Your Psychic Abilities from Ordinary to Extraordinary Find out just how easy it is to use your innate psychic abilities to access insightful and helpful information about anything Whether you're a beginner exploring your psychic abilities or a professional fine-tuning your skills this warm and practical guide offers proven techniques true personal stories and a wealth of fun exercises so that you can quickly experience successful clairvoyant readings for yourself Professional psychic Debra Lynne Katz author of the popular introductory guide You Are Psychic offers clear and engaging instruction on developing your natural intuitive gifts of clairvoyance clairsentience clairaudience
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 7 March 2011 04:47 Written by admin C G Jung had a lifelong interest in the paranormal that culminated in his influential theory of synchronicity Combining extracts taken from the Collected Works letters the autobiographical Memories Dreams Reflections and transcripts of seminars Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal sets out clearly his seminal contribution to our understanding of this controversial area In his introduction Roderick Main discusses Jung's encounters with and observations of the paranormal the influences that contributed to his theory of synchronicity and the central ideas of the theory itself The selections include Jung's writings on mediumistic trance phenomena spirits and hauntings anomalous events in
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 6 March 2011 22:00 Written by admin Seeing and Being Seen Emerging from a Psychic Retreat examines the themes that surface when considering clinical situations where patients feel stuck and where a failure to develop impedes the progress of analysis This book analyses the anxieties and challenges confronted by patients as they begin to emerge from the protection of psychic retreats Divided into three parts areas of discussion include embarrassment shame and humiliation helplessness power and dominance mourning melancholia and the repetition compulsion As well as offering fresh ideas Steiner bases his creative and integrative efforts on previous contributions by psychoanalysts including Freud Klein Rosenfeld and Bion
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 6 March 2011 14:34 Written by admin In this radical revision of their investigation of Russian parapsychological research the authors present six new chapters of post-Cold War activities They offer evidence indicating that the Russians have been successful in harnessing psychic energy and show how Russian scientists advised Pentagon officials on controlling the thoughts of David Koresh during the Waco Texas standoff
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 6 March 2011 12:15 Written by admin Signs A New Approach to Coincidence Synchronicity Guidance Life Purpose and God's Plan presents a new way of approaching coincidental or synchronistic events events that seem to be telling us something It explains how to separate out more ordinary synchronicities from what the author calls signs or CMPEs Conjunctions of Meaningfully Parallel Events a kind of super-synchronicity These occurrences are so intelligently organized as to go far beyond chance and convey a remarkable depth of wisdom and insight for our lives Filled with dozens of real-life examples the book is both a how-to guide for working with this phenomenon and
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 5 March 2011 19:29 Written by admin An introduction to the theory and practical basics of spiritual and psychic development From meditation to dowsing card readings to working with the chakras understanding crystals to connecting with your Spirit guides Do you want to increase your intuition work with healing energy learn how to meditate or develop your own clairvoyant ability This book will facilitate an opening up to and development of your own natural spirituality and psychic skills Essential basics simple to understand theory and practical exercises make this a beginners guide for everyone And there's not too many long words either This is the book we've
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 5 March 2011 01:39 Written by admin With fascinating historical anecdotes and incisive scientific analysis this important work combines ancient thought with modern theory to reveal a new way of viewing our universe that can expand our awareness our lives and may well point the way to a new science for the twenty-first century

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