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Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 9 March 2011 05:25 Written by admin Despite ongoing and repeated attempts to prove or disprove the existence of parapsychological events there are still no conclusive findings and certainly no consensus across the worldwide community of scholars scientists and proponents of psychic phenomena Still there is no shortage of information about this fascinating topic to allow everyone to draw their own conclusions This book has been expressly written to make each chapter and topic accessible to a general audience despite containing a vast amount of theoretical material The book is organized into two parts in the first section proponents of the validity of parapsychological data and critics
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 9 March 2011 00:00 Written by admin A classic work in the field of psychic manifestations of the human intellect The author Dr Thomson Jay Hudson Ph D LL D was the acknowledged authority in the field of metaphysics when he wrote this book in the late years of the last century This book explores all areas of the metaphysical world from early philosophics to hypnotism and mesmerism clairvoyance visions right through an overview of the pycho-therapeutic practices of that time The phenomena of spiritism is covered in all its forms including contact with the spirit world as well as case histories of witchcraft hauntings and possession
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 8 March 2011 11:47 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 8 March 2011 01:16 Written by admin For the past thirty years the United States government has secretly trained a select corps of military personnel in the art of remote viewing -- the psychic ability to perceive the thoughts and experiences of others through the power of the human mind Now for the first time Lyn Buchanan -- a world-renowned expert on remote viewing and its potential -- tells the complete candid story of his experiences Assigned for nearly a decade to a clandestine U S Army intelligence group Buchanan trained military personnel who utilized their inherent psychic abilities as a data-collection tool during the Iran hostage
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 7 March 2011 20:02 Written by admin A modern translation of an ancient book of magic by the contemporary Italian spiritual leader Oberto Airaudi The Book of Synchronicity taps into the Synchronic Lines rivers of spiritual energy that flow through the universe These lines link the various celestial bodies and the intelligences that can access them The lines path on Earth according to the book takes the form of eighteen Major Lines through which pour ideas dreams thoughts and information Whenever a reader consults The Book of Synchronicity he or she is in effect accessing this flow of knowledge Easy to understand and use the book can
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 7 March 2011 12:59 Written by admin The key to psychic development and spiritual healing lies in understanding your aura The authors explain how to work with the two major types of aura limitations blocks and boundary issues Combining both Eastern and Western traditions using a variety of techniques ranging from meditation and breathing exercises to chakra therapy you'll learn how to get rid of blocks and clarify identity boundaries With bibliography index
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 7 March 2011 11:27 Written by admin Practical and authoritative this book is a comprehensive manual of operations for using psychics in criminal investigations The authors base the material on several decades of personal experience and on other first-person accounts from law enforcement personnel After establishing the need for such an operations manual the text presents a short history of psychic criminology outlines the different types of psychic ability pertinent to the investigator then reviews the evidence and theories for paranormal phenomena It then details the identification recruitment testing and use of psychics with close coverage afforded methods and procedures for efficient and successful investigative work with

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