Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 10 March 2011 21:55 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under DVD & CDs, Psychic DVDs & CDs on 10 March 2011 20:37 Written by Are you fascinated by the spirit world Wish you could communicate with loved ones on the Other Side According to Spiritualist minister Rose Vanden Eynden everyone possesses innate capabilities for spirit communication Emphasizing the principles of modern Spiritualism So You Want to Be a Medium demonstrates how to enhance one's spiritual senses for working between worlds
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 10 March 2011 03:55 Written by admin At the age of seventy-three New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Browne is ready to tell the whole story of her extraordinary life In Psychic we meet the woman behind the public figure from the child receiving her first visits from the spirit world to the teenager doubting her own sanity from the new mother living through staggering highs and lows to the burgeoning celebrity and ultimately the successful happily married woman she is today Filled with never-before-told stories and otherworldly encounters Psychic is a riveting account of how Sylvia Shoemaker a traditional girl from Missouri became world-famous psychic Sylvia
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 10 March 2011 02:59 Written by admin In the first half of this remarkable CD program John Edward shows you how to understand the power of your own psychic abilities He insists that everyone has psychic gifts but most of the time they're locked away in the recesses of the mind and need to be developed and recognized In the second half of the program John points out that we protect ourselves in the physical world all the time locking our doors wearing a seat belt taking vitamins etc but since there is more to us than our physical body we need to protect ourselves from negative
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 9 March 2011 21:08 Written by admin Suddenly Psychic offers evidence that paranormal abilities are a normal part of human consciousness and what s more anyone can learn them After decades of ultra-rational left-brained existence as a physicist and computer scientist all of Maureen Caudill s beliefs about life and the laws of physics drastically changed when she began having first-hand experiences of scientifically impossible psychic phenomena like spoon-bending remote viewing and channeling This is the memoir of a believer who understands and speaks to the skeptics perspective Maureen Caudill has degrees in physics and math from the University of Connecticut and Cornell University and spent more
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 9 March 2011 20:59 Written by admin Best-selling author John Edward has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique and powerful psychic skills Now in his long-awaited new book he shows people how they too can tap into their psychic selves Infinite Quest will help readers to develop their intuition and renew their own latent powers so they can confidently take chances and make choices By following certain guidelines and intuition-building exercises we can learn to get in touch with our Spirit Guides and identify the psychic energy around us on deeper levels Edward also discusses how technology can work with our sixth sense and explains how to
Filled under Books, Psychic Books on 9 March 2011 05:25 Written by admin Despite ongoing and repeated attempts to prove or disprove the existence of parapsychological events there are still no conclusive findings and certainly no consensus across the worldwide community of scholars scientists and proponents of psychic phenomena Still there is no shortage of information about this fascinating topic to allow everyone to draw their own conclusions This book has been expressly written to make each chapter and topic accessible to a general audience despite containing a vast amount of theoretical material The book is organized into two parts in the first section proponents of the validity of parapsychological data and critics

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