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Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 15 March 2011 10:25 Written by admin Permanent link to this post word estimated secs reading time
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 15 March 2011 04:55 Written by admin In easy steps Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer's Market Secrets from an Expert Green Feng Shui Staging Designer reveals how to create a home that buyers desire and want to buy The steps include what it takes to make the reader's home look and feel great--tips that will sell the home The book also provides information on selling the home for the best price It is the first in its subject to address the hot new sought-after green home improvements and features to sell the buyer's home fast According to Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Mogul Business Consultant and
Filled under DVD & CDs, Feng Shui DVDs & CDs on 14 March 2011 16:09 Written by admin In this -DVD set you rejoin the class on Day of a seminar for realtors that Holly taught in San Luis Obispo County California Join them as they continue learning how to apply the time-proven principles of Feng Shui to real estate this time in the role of the buyer s agent Holly shows you how to save time by focusing your buyer s house hunting on those properties with good Feng Shui the ones that will bring them more tranquility beneficial energy abundance and happiness Holly shows you what to look for and most importantly what to avoid in
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 14 March 2011 13:21 Written by admin This fully illustrated comprehensive workbook is designed primarily for homeowners renters architects and business owners who want to put feng-shui to practical personal use to choose a home build a house select an office or find a retail space Real estate agents interior designers and architects will also find it useful as a reference manual The text and exercises proceed in systematic fashion from basic principles to specific projects covering the following lessons Evaluating the landscape and external environment by using the techniques of the Landform School Using the geomantic compass to chart patterns of energy within a building Planning
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 14 March 2011 13:10 Written by admin User-friendly and alphabetically listed Feng shui Dos and Taboos for Financial Success provides you with hundreds of tips from many different feng shui schools to help you reach your goals with confidence Attract wealth and prosperity immediately into your life with these hundreds of tips Do tape antique Chinese coins wrapped in red paper to the underside of your cash register fax machine computer and or telephone for increased money luck Don't purchase furniture from a bankrupt business no matter how good a deal you get as it can carry negative energy that will adversely affect your own
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 14 March 2011 11:30 Written by admin The idea behind feng shui is simple to improve any aspect of your life create the right atmosphere to support it All the strands of this ancient practice come together in this intelligently organized visual reference that emphasizes feng shui's practical benefits Real life applications and examples enhance lucid explanations of the fundamental concepts chi energy yin and yang the five elements and eight trigrams All the essential tools are laid out too--everyday objects like mirrors plants and fountains that keep the energy flowing smoothly A comprehensive directory shows how these principles can enhance relationships finances creativity career health and
Filled under Books, Feng Shui Books on 14 March 2011 02:04 Written by admin A stunning full color book packed with magical Feng Shui rituals and secrets to bring you success and prosperity in every area of your life

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