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Filled under Astrology Books on 19 March 2011 05:35 Written by admin In this practical and straight-forward guide to Astrology one of the oldest sciences in existence Samael Aun Weor explains how to transform your daily life towards the acquisition of knowledge of your true nature whose result is spiritual elevation the emergence of natural wisdom and a deep and pervasive love for humanity Completely discarding complicated charts and memorization one has only to rely on the Innermost Being that divine Star at the heart of our existence By awakening our consciousness we experience directly our intimate relationship with our inner cosmos who is but a reflection of the cosmos around us
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Filled under Astrology Equipment on 19 March 2011 02:40 Written by admin The Moon's disk even at partial phases is intensely bright with reflected sunlight The glare washes out most of the craters rilles and other surface details from view Our Moon Filter reduces the glare allowing transmission of only of the reflected light Not only will you see more surface features but you can study them in greater comfort The filter reduces irradiation which is the distortion at the boundary between light and dark areas such as along the lunar terminator The Orion Moon Filter is especially useful to owners of large-aperture scopes in which the Moon's brightness can be overwhelming
Filled under Astrology Books on 19 March 2011 02:34 Written by admin Illustrates how aspects can offer a profound depiction of an individual and his or her destiny Contains comprehensive sections full of interpretations for every planetary combination Concepts are explained through the use of actual birth charts and diagrams A core textbook at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London Aspects are an essential piece of the astrological puzzle when it comes to interpreting and using the information that astrology can give us It is not enough to know the placement of the planets on the horoscope It is the relationships between the stars and planets that let us grasp the
Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 19 March 2011 01:44 Written by admin Astrology has been around ever since man looked up towards the stars and recognized an association of patterns in his own life He saw the movement and noted times of birth For thousands of years he refined his art Today astrology has become a dirty word to many unscientific and irrational But is there still some truth to be found in its depth Astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck talks candidly about his own search for the truth and reveals that there is a time coming predicted by the stars when great change will occur in our society He pinpoints the
Filled under Astrology Books on 18 March 2011 20:56 Written by admin Learn to interpret a language of symbols that describes your life's fullest potential A step-by-step approach to decoding the mysteries of your astrological chart Have you ever wanted to learn how to read your astrological chart but thought it was too complex Now Astrology for Beginners breaks down the language of the stars making chart reading simple informative and fun From angles and aspects to Sun signs and chart patterns professional astrologer and popular author Joann Hampar explains every major facet of your astrological chart Are you an enigmatic introvert on a mission to save the world like self-motivated Scorpio

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