Filled under Astrology Books on 22 March 2011 18:03 Written by admin This is the most famous the most celebrated astrology book in the English language It has been prized by students ever since its first publication in The Horary Astrology in these pages in the hands of a master is no mere parlour game It is demanding and precise combining science and art Properly used it will give answer to any well-defined question In this volume Book An Introduction to Astrology containing the use of an ephemeris the erecting of a scheme of heaven nature of the twelve signs of the Zodiac of the planets with a most easy introduction to
Filled under Astrology Books on 22 March 2011 09:57 Written by admin Vedic Astrology Simply Put is a colorful fun and simplified entry into the mysterious and captivating world of Vedic Astrology called Jyotish in India William R Levacy an astrologer with more than two decades of experience offers beautifully rendered illustrations and text to ease your understanding of this ancient system of behavior and trend analysis This book gives you straightforward guidance on How to decipher the myths and origins of Vedic astrology How Vedic astrology differs from Western or Tropical astrology The Vedic style of interpreting the Sun Moon planets houses and signs How the Vedic seers used the Moon
Filled under Astrology DVDs & CDs, DVD & CDs on 22 March 2011 03:18 Written by admin The History Channel Ancient Maya Tools of Astronomy Astrology Star Gazing Pack Collection
Filled under Astrology Books on 22 March 2011 01:31 Written by admin Astrology Karma Transformation The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart
Filled under Astrology Books on 22 March 2011 01:31 Written by admin Is there a karmic connection that binds you to the closest people in your life How can you identify a soul mate twin soul or cosmic partner and use that awareness for spiritual growth and fulfillment in this lifetime Professional astrologer Ruth Aharoni tells how to decipher the karmic signature in your birth chart to gain valuable insight into your karmic connections with others Designed for astrology buffs at an advanced beginner through professional level Karmic Astrology reveals the distinctive karmic characteristics revealed in the birth chart's signs planets houses nodes and elements and tells how to identify important cosmic
Filled under Astrology Books on 21 March 2011 16:30 Written by admin It was a long time ago and few alive now remember what life was like in England in the years after World War II Yes the Luftwaffe and Vengeance weapons had made a fine mess in the south of the country but during the war years the Yanks were there millions of them seducing the womenfolk brawling in pubs and most importantly spending their pay with local shopkeepers May the war ended and all the Americans left Most went home but a sizeable contingent set up shop in Germany where to the best of their ability given the local ruins
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 21 March 2011 00:55 Written by admin mm diameter refractor mm focal length f German equatorial mount with RA and DEC slow-motion controls and setting circles x finderscope mm eyepiece x - - mm eyepiece x - - erect image diagonal - - Barlow lens x - - adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray The Sky Level CD-ROM Metallic charcoal black tube color

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