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Filled under Astrology Equipment on 15 March 2011 03:19 Written by admin Automatically Locates The Wonders Of The Universe With Its Motorized System On Board Computer All glass fully coated optics reveal the depths of our solar system and the wonders of the Universe Fully adjustable tripod features a convenient accessory tray Easy to use computerized hand control allows user to locate objects at the touch of a button
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 15 March 2011 00:47 Written by admin Amazon com Review The Nexstar GT is Celestron's most affordable computerized telescope For a surprising price you get a complete telescope with three eyepieces and a finder an adjustable tripod and a computerized tracking system with a database of objects
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 12 March 2011 04:45 Written by admin Buying a first telescope used to be risky business with more cheap models on the market than affordable quality ones Our SpaceProbe changes all that It's not only affordable but its optical quality will make the night sky's treasures accessible right from your backyard The -diameter primary mirror gathers enough light to reveal the faint glows of many star clusters and nebulas as well as Saturn's rings Jupiter's moons and the stark cratered terrain of the Moon The aluminum Newtonian optical tube features a rack-and-pinion focuser and two Explorer II eyepieces - a mm x and a mm x The
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 10 March 2011 14:21 Written by admin Get serious performance and easy portability with this high-quality altazimuth computerized telescope Features Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with mm aperture more light gathering power than models mm focal lengthFocal ratio Ultra portable weighs lbs including the tripodCombines the classic heritage of the original orange tube telescopes with the latest state-of-the-art featuresStarBright XLT high transmission coatings come standardCelestron's unique patented single fork arm with integral hand control design provides a rigid and smooth operating structure for the optical tubeStar diagonal provides more comfortable viewing position when observing objects that are high in the skyProven NexStar computer control technologyIncludes Quick release fork arm mount
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 9 March 2011 05:49 Written by admin Celestron Accessory Kit
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 7 March 2011 10:57 Written by admin Without spending a fortune you can get a telescope that will not only satisfy the kids but the kid in you Our SkyQuest XT is a quality telescope with point-and-view simplicity that makes it easy to use and makes stargazing fun The optical performance is far and away better than flimsy department store models Its mm mirror housed in an enameled steel tube gathers more starlight than a mm refractor More light means you can see a lot more celestial objects in greater detail In a review of low-cost beginner telescopes Sky and Telescope proclaimed the XT The best of
Filled under Astrology Equipment on 5 March 2011 12:42 Written by admin Tomorrow's next generation and computerized GPS SCT's are here now New alignment technology advanced engineering and bold new design at a lower price that is out of this world Celestron's new CPC Series with revolutionary SkyAlign Alignment Technology redefines everything that amateur astronomers are looking for quick and simple alignment GPS unsurpassed optical quality ease of set-up and use ergonomics enhanced computerization and most important affordability

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