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Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 16:46 Written by admin Kirk Nelson reveals new insights into Edgar Cayce's psychic readings on astrology including the birth chart of Jesus a new way of determining past life influences in your own birth chart how astrology influences world events and an easy to understand explanation of each sign planet and aspect This book also contains the charts of U S presidents Kennedy Nixon and Reagan highlighting many of the events that occurred during their careers The author also sheds light on the charts of China Russia and the United States and what will happen to them in the future
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 14:08 Written by admin Enter a new dimension of spiritual self-discovery when you probe the mythic archetypes represented in your astrological birth chart Myth has always been closely linked with astrology Experience these myths and gain a deeper perspective on your eternal self Learn how the characteristics of the gods developed into the meanings associated with particular planets and signs Look deeply into your own personal myths and enjoy a living connection to the world of the deities within you When you finally stand in the presence of an important archetype through the techniques of dreamwork symbolic amplification or active imagination described in the
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 06:49 Written by admin A comprehensive astrological guide to life relationships and lovers Astrology for Lovers is a seminal guide to learning how to interpret the subtle and not-so subtle attributes of both your own and your partner's astrological sign in order to create a better understanding of one another Each person has a unique footprint in the map of the cosmos and Astrology for Lovers guides the reader through each of the Sun signs in an enlightening and comprehensive manner Each sign is given a lengthy description of its characteristics as well its creation myth Greene then expands upon the sign's shadowy side
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 04:44 Written by admin For thousands of years the Hindu Astrologers have by their knowledge of the solar system been enabled to formulate a system of Astrology which enables them to speak with scientific authority and certainty with respect to the planetary influences upon mankind Each person is born in or under one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and is thus influenced more or less throughout life by the planetary conditions at time of birth
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 04:01 Written by admin Are you likely to meet a new love soon Is the coming year a good time for that major career change you've been contemplating Are you likely to make a lot of money in your life or will you always be challenged to make the most of what you have The techniques presented in The Art of Predictive Astrology show you how to forecast upcoming trends and life events for yourself friends and family and astrological clients Author Carol Rushman a practicing astrologer for over twenty-five years shares her method for astrological prediction including the natal promise of the birth
Filled under Astrology Books on 17 March 2011 01:04 Written by admin This first volume comprehensively charts Western astrology from BCE up to the th century with particular focus on its magical political and apocalyptic movements and use in everyday life throughout history This is the first comprehensive examination of astrology's origins and examines the foundations of a major feature of popular culture in the contemporary west one which has its origins in the ancient world Campion explores the relationship between astrology and religion magic and science and explores its use in politics and the arts in a fascinating and readable fashion The book's scope and depth is greater than any other
Filled under Astrology Books on 16 March 2011 19:44 Written by admin Many of the secrets of life and consciousness can be discovered through Vedic Astrology Mythology students will find it helpful in unlocking the astrological keys to the great archetypes of the psyche

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